RC Sailing Barcelona University Regatta

University scholarship for training in design and construction of a radio control boat!

What does it consist of?

Multidisciplinary university training project integrated within the University Study Plan aimed at students in the last year of the degree in engineering, to conceptualize, design and build a small-scale, competitive radio control boat, propelled by the wind, applying knowledge acquired during the course of the course. A scholarship will be awarded to each team for the design and construction of a radio control boat to compete in the RC Sailing Barcelona regatta.

RC Challenge


Promote navigation technologies and technological innovation.

To raise awareness of the nautical sector and the sport of sailing among university students.

Stimulate the ability to design a self-propelled prototype with foil technology and renewable energies.

The regatta

Once the prototypes are finished, they will participate in the RC Sailing Barcelona regatta between Catalan universities.