The Catalan foil

The FoilCat project was born with the aim of bringing foil to Catalan sailors and generating a quarry. And a good example is the FoilCat women’s team that has emerged from the selection process among all the clubs in Catalonia in which nearly 30 women have participated.


Bring foil sailing closer to Catalan sailors and generate a team.

Train those who have basic navigation knowledge to learn to foil.

Support professionals who can represent Catalonia.

Are foils the future of sailing?

The girls on the women’s team are very clear about it! The foil is one of the most important design innovations to emerge in the sport of sailing. The use of these hydrofoils allows boats to fly above the water and sailors enjoy new sensations.

FoilCat Women’s Team

Laura Pedraza

Club Nàutic Arenys de Mar, 19 years old

He started sailing in Optimist at the age of 6 and was part of Club Nàutic Premià and Club Nàutic Vilassar de Mar, where he went through the groups: G3, G2 and G3. In 2018 she moved to ILCA 4 at Club Nàutic el Masnou and in 2020 to ILCA 6 where she is the current champion of Catalonia. He is part of the Catalan sailing team and is training to be TOP 15 in this year’s ILCA 6 under-21 world championship. His introduction to foiling was with a clinic at the Foiling Base Cadiz Sail GP.

Iset Segura

Club Nàutic Vilassar de Mar, 23 years old

He started sailing Optimist and got hooked on regattas. He then went on to sail a 420 and then moved to the Nacra 15 and from this to the Nacra 17, which has foils, and did the Olympic circuit. She finished 2nd in Nacra 15 of the absolute World Cup in 2019 and bronze in the Junior World Cup in Nacra 17 in 2022. Since then he has never left the foil and has sailed with other boats such as the 69F and is currently doing Wingfoil and came 3rd in the Spanish Championship.

Montse Solé

Club Nàutic Vilassar, 30 years old

Despite not getting started in the world of sailing in a traditional way through the Optimist, he started practicing windsurfing when he was only 4 years old, a modality in which he has competed for many years, winning the Catalan Windsurfing Championship in 2010. He also practiced kitesurfing and has now discovered the world of foiling in all its forms, where he wants to concentrate right now, especially Wingfoil. She was the 4th sailor in the world in the Wingfoil Racing 2023 circuit.

Marina Giralt

Club Nàutic Vilassar de Mar, 20 years old

With only 20 years, his sporting career includes sailing with various types of boats, including Optimist, 420, ILCA, Windsurf, Waszp, Birdyfish, Wingfoil and 69F. She is currently focused on continuing to sail with a foil boat, especially in Wingfoil, and finishing the Degree in Tourism that she is studying to be able to combine her passion for the sea on the one hand and, on the other, her professional development.

Mònica Veenhoven

Club Nàutic el Balís, 22 years old

He started sailing in Optimist at the age of 10, to make the jump to the European class, where he won several championships, Spanish Cups and a European, ending in the 2021 World Cup. In 2022 he had the opportunity to sail in 470, training together with the Spanish PNTD team. At the same time, he has participated with the Balís team in single-type leagues in Spain, both absolute and female. He is currently training in Optimist del Balís group B.

Emma Cabré

Club Nàutic el Masnou, 17 years old

He has been sailing for over 12 years and has experience on Optimist, Europe and Waszp boats. At the age of 14, she won the Spanish runner-up title and at 15 she was the junior world runner-up. She has been champion of Spain three times in a row, and has been part of the national team since she was 13. A year ago he entered the world of foil, sailing in SailGP Inspire in Cadiz and is training in Waszp to continue improving results such as the top 3 in Spain achieved in 2023 as well as in Europe.

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