Sustainability and Innovation

The 2024 Ocean Decade Conference

The UNESCO International Congress of Oceanography, subtitled: Delivering the science we need for the ocean we want, is the second within the framework of the United Nations Decade of the Oceans for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 and will be held at the CCIB from April 8 to 12, 2024, marking one of the main milestones of the Decade.

It is a city project with strategic presence and participation of administrations and agents in the scientific and social field that responds to the needs of bringing cities, administrations, social entities and organizations from around the world together to work together on global strategies to safeguard the good health of the oceans in scientific fields. institutional, academic, technical and social/citizen.

In this edition, more than 800 attendees are expected to participate with speakers of high scientific level, with the presence of institutions and personalities from the political, scientific and institutional world.

Decarbonization of leisure boats

The project to decarbonize leisure boats positions Catalonia as a hub for electrification of pleasure boats worldwide, by promoting innovation and technological development from decarbonization to nautical, the promotion of charging systems and the construction of 100% Catalan electric boats. The project also seeks to build a strategy proposal on the business model of the sector and the participating shipyards, and promote the creation of a technological corner.

Logbook of the Ecomar Foundation

Every year the Ecomar Foundation publishes the Logbook, a fundamental tool for dissemination among children and young people about the care and awareness of respect for the ocean. From the FBCN we collaborated by editing the notebook in Catalan and distributing it among the little lovers of the sea all over Catalonia.

The Ecomar Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Theresa Zabell, the best Spanish sailor in history. They are committed to the conservation and preservation of the seas and oceans.

Klima, the sustainable boat

This boat loves the planet because it does as little harm as possible, since it can be dismantled and rebuilt with the same material as many times as it wants, because it is made of recyclable materials.

It’s called Klima and it’s a boat for beginners in sailing made with recyclable resins and natural fibers. In addition, it has the same measurements as a traditional Optimist IOD 95 helmet.

This project aims to sensitize young sailors towards sustainability, it has been developed jointly with the Club de Vela Ballena Alegre and built in the Catalan shipyards Naaix.

Theater show
SalvaMars Cirkus

SalvaMars Cirkus is a theater show for all audiences that shows life at sea and its threats in a comical way, gestural theatre, imagination and surrealism. With a spectacular marine circus tent as scenery and accompanied, on the one hand, by an original soundtrack of classical music, a couple of clowns make us think in a fun way about the problems generated in the sea by plastics, industrialization and climate change.

News about Sustainability and Innovation

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