School of navigators

In our courses you will be able to perfect your knowledge of meteorology, motor, nautical cordage, electrical systems, among others. Connect with the sea and sign up for the workshops!


We prepare and accompany schools that carry out synthesis work and research work related to the sea, nautical sports and ocean sailing. We connect with teachers, develop and facilitate educational programs related to ocean navigation such as “22 days in 22 feet. Solo adventure in the Atlantic”.

Vocational training

We implement multiple programmes and activities for students of vocational schools, with the aim of being a tool for improving their learning. Among the programs, the agreement we have with the Institut de Nàutica de Barcelona that allows students to put their knowledge into practice stands out.

Formació profesional

Ocean Campus

Training project of online courses of the MOOC modality on technological and environmental contents linked to the nautical sector and major sailing sports competitions prepared by specialists. There is a methodology and training content that allows the dissemination of the courses with guarantees of good foundation and academic rigor. It is carried out through the creation of MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses), whose content is designed for the technological and environmental fields.

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Training news

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