Decarbonization of leisure boats

We promote the construction of 100% Catalan electric boats and recharging systems to turn Catalonia into a hub for electric boat electrification worldwide through technological innovation and sustainability.


Promote the decarbonisation of leisure boating.

Promote a strategic proposal on the business model of the nautical sector.

Create a technology corner to encourage the development of new technologies.

100% electric, 100% catalan

With this legacy project, 6 100% electric pleasure boats will be built that will be manufactured entirely in Catalan shipyards, from the boat to its components.

The Catalan nautical sector, more competitive

As part of the project, a process of strategic reflection on the nautical sector has also been initiated, the aim of which is to improve the competitiveness of the sector through an action plan that identifies which improvements to carry out in order to turn Catalonia and Barcelona in world references for decarbonisation.

Technological corner

The project seeks to promote the creation of a technology corner to encourage the development of new technologies linked precisely to this challenge of decarbonisation.

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