22 dies en 22 peus

22 days in 22 feet

“22 Days in 22 Feet, Solo Adventure in the Atlantic 2023” is an educational program in collaboration with the Museu Marítim de Barcelona, which invites primary and secondary school students to follow the Mini Transat 2023 regatta in which sailors from our Mini Base participate, among others.

RC Sailing Barcelona University Regatta

Multidisciplinary university training project integrated within the Study Plan aimed at students in the last year of the bachelor’s degree in engineering, to conceptualize, design and build a small-scale, competitive radio control boat, propelled by the wind, applying knowledge acquired during the course of the course.

Didactic material

We connect with teachers, develop and facilitate educational plans related to ocean sailing. In 10 years of activity we have managed to reach more than 30,000 students from different schools!

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Política de privacidad


Round-the-world talks

What do sailors eat? How are they prepared? How do they dress? In these talks we value how the navigator prepares before and during the round the world trip. An adventure that does not leave any child indifferent!

Talks about the America’s Cup

The America’s Cup América is the oldest sporting event held. In these talks we talk about the past, present and future of this high-level competition that involves many sectors from cultural to technological.

Research projects in schools and universities

We prepare and accompany schools that carry out synthesis work and secondary and baccalaureate research projects linked to the sea, water sports and ocean sailing. In the university environment we support Final Degree Projects, Master’s Final Projects and Doctorates.

Other nautical educational projects

Antarctica Journey

The educational program “Learning by exploring” of the Vinson of Antarctica, a polar exploration sailboat, aims to facilitate the understanding of the ocean, Antarctica and the subantarctic regions for young people, teachers and curious adults. Educating about the importance of Antarctica and the ocean provides the necessary tools to make sustainable decisions and actively participate in the protection of these ecosystems.

Education news

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